The Personality of Spiderman

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Spiderman is one of the legendary superheros of the Marvel Comics. He was created in 1962, by Stan Lee, one of the writers of the publication, and he has known an immense popularity ever since. Spiderman is not your average superhero. He faces many problems throughout the years and his personality is constantly changing, but deep down he remained the same shy teenager who was lucky enough to be bitten by a radioactive spider and to become, thus, a superhero.

Spiderman’s personality is definitely influenced by Peter Parker’s life prior to becoming a superhero. Peter is a very smart teenager, who is passionate by everything that has to do with science, which triggered the change that was about to happen in his life. Once he became Spiderman, although he could have done anything that he wanted, he still had a terrible identity problem. While he was always attempting to do right, he was never sure of his choices and he struggled constantly. When his uncle Ben was killed, the guilt overwhelmed him, but this turned out to be a positive thing, because it was the triggering point in his life. It was what made Spiderman decide that fighting crime was his calling and that he had to do everything in his power to do justice.

Spiderman is brave and smart, he knows what right moves to make in order to defeat his enemies, but at the same time he has a severe inferiority complex. His desire to fight for law and order reveals though the noble heart of Spiderman. He even gives up the love of his life to protect her, which shows how unselfish he is. Spiderman does not want to be a celebrity, he just wants to protect the world against villains and to make sure that everything is in order.

Spiderman definitely represents a role-model to people everywhere. Teenagers all over the world relate to Spiderman’s personality, but the truth is that Spiderman is a character who can teach them a lot. Spiderman’s story can be a life lesson for everybody and he is someone to look up to. ‘With great power comes great responsibility’, Spiderman said, and this turned out to be his motto, and it became, at the same time, one of the most famous quotes in history.

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